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With a handful of options on offer for you to choose from, the Eyeliners range from Look Fantastic has something to suit every girl's style.
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With Cream & Gel Liners promising for long lasting results, the application of these liners is effortless; providing precision lines to pull off the kitten flick perfectly.
Eye Pencils are quick and easy to use with a kohl effect unmatched by any other product. Perfect for defining whilst working perfectly when smudged for a grunge twist. With long lasting results that deter from falling onto your face for flawless results every day.
Liquid Eyeliners are the definite go to for dramatic shaping and defining, providing pigment rich colour with a precision line perfect for creating any look your desire. From glitters to pure colour consistencies, Liquid Liners provide you with an eclectic and universal look every day.
Powder Eyeliners are perfect for muted styles, offering you a softer approach to defining and shaping. Enabling smudging effortlessly with a powdered finish.