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Founded in 1980 and now owned by one of the oldest manufacturers of beauty instruments, Tweezerman provides beautifully stylish tools that are also extremely precise.

Crowned the 'little black dress of beauty tools', Tweezerman is a leading brand, taking care when it comes to quality, performance and value. Win-win-win! The beauty tools expert offer a complete range of well designed tools for a total grooming experience, with a fabulous selection of products for perfect brows & manicures, and stunningly long eyelashes.

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So which Tweezerman product is right for you?

Tweezerman Eyebrows

If you're looking for those perfect Cara Delavigne eyebrows, make Tweezerman your favourite little sidekick. With slanted tweezers in every colour of the rainbow, an ultimate Mini Brow rescue Kit, Brow Mousse and mini tweezers galore, Tweezerman has everything you need to get those little eyebrow slugs in shape! Tweezerman have even designed a cleverly lighted mirror, so you can be really precise.

Tweezerman Eyelashes

For super long and curly eyelashes, choose from the Tweezerman Super Curl Eyelash and the Tweezerman Deluxe Classic Eyelash Curler. Both have been carefully designed with silicone pads and a comfortable finger grip to save any eyelash dramas! They even include 3 refill silicone pads, so you can have long beautiful eyelashes for even longer!

Tweezerman Manicures

Tame your nails with Tweezerman Cuticle Scissors, Hangnail Trimmer, funky coloured nail files or a brilliant all-in-one Nail Rescue Kit. It seems they've managed to think of everything, to make sure you can manage your neat, tidy and healthy nails. They even have a lovely little Baby Manicure Kit too keep your baby's nails healthy too.

Tweezerman Pedicures

With Tweezerman pedicure tools, such as the Tweezerman Sole Mate, the Pedro Callus Stone and the Tweezerman 3-In-1 Pedicure tool you can make sure you have smooth, soft and gorgeous looking feet. We're sure you'll feel confident and comfortable getting your little toesies out anywhere with Tweezerman.

Tweezerman Grooming

At Tweezerman they understand that men like to do a little bit of grooming and tidying every now and then too. So, they've created a range of clever grooming tools, such as the Tweezer Man Essential Grooming Kit and Deluxe Shaving Brush, perfect for keeping fashionable facial hair tidy.

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