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Slipsilk is a brand dedicated to bringing you the very best in luxury sleeping. Each Slipsilk eye mask and pillowcase is made with the finest grade Mulberry Silk, which has incredible skin and haircare benefits.

Naturally less absorbent than regular fabrics such as cotton, silk helps the skin to hold onto moisture, which in turn promotes a healthier and more hydrated complexion. As silk is also naturally very soft and, you guessed it, silky, it helps to reduce friction between your skin and the pillowcase. This means, you never wake up with tell-tale sleeping creases, so you can be sure you look your best as you wake up.

In haircare, silk is naturally very gentle, which means it doesn't cause frizz, breakage or dry ends. On cotton pillowcases throughout the night, and especially if you move around in your sleep, hair can become tangled and damaged, but thanks to Slipsilk, it stays healthy and super soft.

Recommended by hairstylists, beauty experts and dermatologists, Slipsilk is a beautiful brand dedicated to making sure you have the best beauty sleep possible.

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