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Kourtney Kardashian, the Manuka Doctor global brand ambassador stated “I have been using the Manuka Doctor honey line for many years so when the brand asked me to be their global skincare ambassador, I couldn’t have wished for a better partnership. As fans of my show have seen, I am an advocate of products that use natural ingredients. I am incredibly excited to have this opportunity to work with a brand I believe in and introduce it to people around the world.”


About the brand

Harnessing the power of the highest performing ingredients from the hive, Manuka Doctor offers naturally inspired, scientifically enhanced skin care formulations that are refined, concentrated and 100% bee friendly.

If anti-ageing is your skin concern, ApiNourish ‘Nature’s Face Lift’ is the range for you. Look no further than our clinically tested range of products for blemish prone skin, if ‘Nature’s Clear Skin Prescription’ is what you are after. Our finishing skincare range ‘Natural Born Fillers’ offers instant & long term skincare benefits, whilst our range of nourishing facial oils contain ‘Powerful Plant Extracts’ for a brighter, fresher more youthful looking complexion. NEW Manuka Doctor Drops of Crystal line is a three-step anti-ageing regime to re-activate youth. So with products to suit all skin types, what are you waiting for!
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Manuka Doctor

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Manuka Doctor specialises in beauty products made from Manuka Honey and Bee Venom. Their skincare line helps to nourish and smooth the complexion and leave you with supremely healthy skin that radiates. Manuka Doctor has a strong celebrity following, including Lucy Watson, who loves their ApiRefine Lip Enhancer, which helps to plump out your lips, reduce fine lines and wrinkles and hydrate. Their skincare products use 100% bee friendly venom, to help protect the population of bees. They use only the very best ingredients to care for your skin and produce products that make a real difference to the health of your complexion.

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