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Pick up a the pre-wash treatment for your hair to be caressed and soothed, with amino acids that will work with the cashmere complex to stop those creeping signs of ageing. Wash away your worries with a shampoo that will strengthen each strand by the molecule to create a head of hair that will survive each the most eventful of days. Seal it that valuable natural moisture with a conditioner that will act as a sealant shield making split ends a thing of the past. Or perhaps you are after a styling tool that will thicken even the flimsiest of locks to create a manageable bonnet to be proud of.
Use the range of products for 3 More Inches as part of your daily routine to ensure your hair is strengthened to its full potential. The complex fusion of Cashmere proteins and Amino Acids mimic the structure of your hair to rejuvenate, support and enhance your precious locks leaving you with a natural and reinvigorated look. This range of products is aimed to slow down the natural ageing of your hair to ensure you can maintain a youthful do and be the envy of every passer-by. Be prepared for second glances and never ending comments and questions about your can either share the secret, or hold your superior knowledge close and keep them thinking that getting old is just not the look for you.

This treatment range is renowned for enabling your hair to gain length and strength at an alarming rate by ensuring that every inch of your hair is protected from the stresses of daily life, whilst retaining the natural movements of you tresses. If you have longed for the luscious locks of Jennifer Aniston, yearned your waves to be tamed like Cheryl Cole. Or wished for the never ending length of Jennifer Lopez, then get a step closer to your natural beauty with 3 More Inches.
The 3 More Inches range not only benefits those of you with long hair, if you find that your straight bob just won't hold the va va voom that you want, then give these products a whirl. This formula is designed to work with your hair, not weight it down, leaving your bounce to swish and bounce like never before with added natural volume. Similarly if you find it hard to get your crazy or dry hair to remain calm and smooth then try the innovative pre-wash treatment and be prepared to be amazed by the results.